3 Natural Small Pine Log Stumps With Bark


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Actual log stumps from a pine tree.  They’re all-natural, with the bark still attached.  Great for all kinds of craft and DIY projects.  Each log stump varies in height to give that staggered appearance.

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Pine Log Stumps

You will receive a set of three of these beautiful log stumps with the bark still on them. Then, you can add additional log stumps up to five in total. Please be aware that if the stumps are handled too much, the bark will eventually fall off, but the stump will still be usable.

The diameter and height of each stump will vary.  The diameter will be somewhere between 2.5 inches and 3.5 inches.  The height of the stumps is staggered from two inches to six or possibly seven inches.  All dimensions offered are approximated.

Great for various holiday decor, wedding table centerpieces, small candle holders, and many other DIY projects that you can imagine.

Because we do not use any chemicals to preserve or treat our products, there will be potential shedding, cracking, and pitting of this and any other wood-type products we offer.


If you want to keep the bark on the log stump, you could use wood glue to attach it once it begins falling off.  Of course, you’ll want to brush off the stump and the inside of the bark before applying any glue.

You can reduce some of the shedding of the bark by spraying shellac over it. You can find shellac in just about any store that sells paint products.  Compared to other types of finishes on the market, shellac is more natural and alcohol-based.  Be aware, though, that it is a glossy sheen.

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