Natural Pine Bark Chunks with Lichen


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Ponderosa and Fir bark chunks with a hint of lichen on many of them. You’ll see red, gray, and brown, along with the bright green in the lichen.

These are picked off dead trees typically. No live trees are harmed.

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Pine Bark Chunks

Dried pine bark chunks gathered from fallen trees in our own private forest. Many of the pieces have a hint of Wolf lichen on them.

Approximately 30 to 50 pieces, depending on the varying sizes of bark. If you require more pieces, you can break up the larger chunks.

Please note that this is a natural product from the forest.  We do not spray any preservatives on this product.  Therefore, there can be flaking of the bark, which can be messy if not handled with care.  We often use brushes and air to help clean loose items on the bark.  However, there will be more loose items once bagged and shipped due to the pieces rubbing against one another.

Weight 12 oz
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