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Pine resin is typically a hardened version of pitch that is, in this case, like dark glass.  It is used for many things, such as:

  • A fire starter
  • Natural pine incense
  • Glue
  • Tar torches
  • Sealing
  • Medicinal purposes
  • Smudging rituals

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All Natural Pine Resin in the Raw

We harvest this item directly from Ponderosa pine trees that are already dying or dead.  We have a bark beetle that infests trees all around us.  Before dying, it excretes sap through the bark, where the beetle bores holes as a defense mechanism.  With time, the sap dries and eventually becomes either thick-pitch or hard resin.

This thick-pitch or hard resin can then be used for many different things.  Any Ponderosa pine sap or pitch that is placed under heat will become darker in color and, as it cools, becomes a hard rosin material.

We do not clarify our product.  It is in the raw and, therefore, will have natural impurities included.  We clean off as much debris from the resin as possible, but we don’t heat it up to filter it.

NOTE: Because this comes directly off the trees around us, there could be some pieces that are crustated from the outside but have a very sticky substance underneath.  If you get a sticky pitch on your hands or clothes, simply use rubbing alcohol to remove it easily.

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