5 – 10 Inch Dried Pine Needles on a Branch

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Dried Pine Needles on a Branch

Here are pine needles in the raw still directly attached to the limb when they were in the tree.

Uses can include:

  • Basket making
  • Natural decor for displaying inside a bark bowl
  • Small wreaths
  • Emergency fire starter (worse case)
  • Mini brooms
  • Hair for small figurines
  • Plus, there are many other uses in craft projects that you might think of…

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Dried Brown Pine Needles Still Attached to a Branch

Three to five branches are included in each 9×12 bag.  The length of the needles will range from approximately 5″ to 10″.

Great for basket weaving, natural rustic decor, wreaths, or other craft projects.  These are sustainably picked off beetle kill trees that had to be felled to control the bug.

We also gather needles during the fall when the trees shed them. The trees are from Ponderosa pine trees in the Pacific Northwest.

This unique material provides an earthy and natural look to any project they’re added to.  They make a great addition to your crafting supplies.

Turn up your creativity by ordering these dried pine needles today!

NOTE:  Because we do not use any form of preservative on any of our products, the needles on the branches will potentially shed from the attached branch.

Please contact us here if you require a larger quantity of this item.

If you prefer loose branchless pine needles, take a look at our Excellent Loose Dried Pine Needles.

CAUTION:  Pine needles are very flammable, so DO NOT store or decorate with them near any open flame!

Weight 4 oz
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